Do you faithfully begin your day with a cup of coffee?  Statistics say over 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide each day, so chances are, you’re a coffee drinker.  Sometimes it feels like the only way to add some pep in your step is to fill up your mug with some fresh coffee, doesn’t it?

Coffee isn’t a bad thing as there are many healthful benefits in coffee, one being the polyphenols contained in coffee. You can still enjoy the taste of a good cup of coffee, get the benefits from the antioxidants, and the fiber of the coffee without the caffeine by purchasing coffee decaffeinated through the Swiss water process. 

Having an arsenal of ways to boost your energy without caffeine is highly beneficial as you can, so to speak, enjoy your cake and eat it too!

Here are some ways to boost your energy caffeine free!

1. Hydrate your brain first thing in the morning!

Water is excellent for cleansing away toxins and waking up our organs, especially first thing in the morning. Drinking water throughout that day means less dehydration, something that can sap your energy fast. The onset of dehydration is often mistaken for hunger, so drinking water can also help curb your appetite, which means fewer calories!  For more of a boost, add lemon to your water for flavor and that dash of vitamin C.  

2. See the sunshine

Draw open the drapes or pop open your curtains when you rise and let the sunshine light up your mood.  This is especially helpful if you have seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and can help to reset your biological clock. Let the sunshine in while you get ready for work, and you’ll find you have a much sunnier disposition.

3. Have a protein or fiber-rich beginning of your day

Breakfast that’s rich in protein or high in fiber is going to give you that jump start you need without raising blood glucose levels the way that processed carbs will do. Protein requires insulin for metabolism just like carbohydrates and fat, but it has minimal effect on blood glucose levels. Fiber, whether it is in an apple, rolled oats, or whole grain bread, doesn’t affect blood glucose levels because it’s not digested. High fiber foods also have heart-health benefits, such as reducing blood pressure and inflammation and the slow absorption of the natural sugars helps improve blood sugar levels. Eating a donut, on the other hand, or eating a bagel or sugary, processed cereals, is not only not satisfying long-term, the spike in blood sugar means a crash will certainly follow.  So get your day and your blood glucose levels on an even keel before you even head out the door.

4. Turn up the music and the blood flow

Maybe there is something to singing in the bathroom while you get ready in the morning. Put on the music that puts some pep in your step and make you want to dance – it helps liven you up, get your blood moving, and boost your spirits all in one!  Make a playlist on your phone of your favorite songs that amp you up and listen to it during your morning routine.  

Add in some dancing or pump up the blood flow with a quick walk or a “ride” on a stationary bike, and you’ll feel like the energizer bunny!

5. Try the Breath of Fire

In the practice of kundalini yoga, there’s a technique called Breath of Fire. It involves taking short, fast breaths in through your nose while contracting your diaphragm. It gets your heart rate up and gets the blood flowing.

6. Check in with your eating habits

What we eat has a significant impact on our energy.  If you tend to eat large meals that take a lot of effort to digest, you can feel weighed down and sluggish afterward.  Lighten things up by eating a lighter lunch and breaking your meals up throughout the day to keep you feeling sustained.

7. Try a whiff of rosemary

Rosemary essential oil has been shown in studies to help boost brain function.  On top of that, it smells delightful. Diffuse rosemary frequently and allow the aroma to infuse your home so you (and everyone else) feel more positive and alert.  Create a “freshen up” fragrance with 2 drops each: lime, lemon, and rosemary!  Energize yourself by adding 4 drops each into your diffuser: rosemary, grapefruit, and lime!

The next time you feel like your energy is tapering off, try one of these caffeine-free ways to stimulate your mind and body and get that energy flowing! 

Which one are you going to try next time you need a perk up?


Want to read more about natural Swiss water decaffeinated coffee?  Click HERE

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