How many times have you pulled on that knit dress, gone to zip up your jeans, or slipped into your bathing suit only to discover your tummy was pouched out when it wasn’t that way two weeks ago? Or even, two days ago. You go get on the scale and it numbers haven’t moved…so what’s that all about? Or you’ve been this way for so long you just think you’re fat around the middle.

Often we may feel (and look) “big” in the middle, not because of fat (thankfully!), but because of what’s going on inside our stomach. Keeping our digestive system happy, especially being able to avoid bloat, can go a long way in helping us look and feel slimmer.

Here are a few tips to ban bloat:

– Use herbs such as basil, dill, ginger, fennel, and mint – all of these herbs have gas-relieving properties

– Introduce fiber-rich food gradually – fiber is great, but if you are not used to a fiber-rich diet and suddenly eat a lot of fiber-rich food, your GI tract will act up.

– Cook beans properly – it is critical that you soak beans for a minimum of 12 hours, covered in cold water (during warmer months, soak bean inside refrigerator to avoid any fermentation) and use spices or kombu to improve digestibility. Discard soaking water, rinse thoroughly several times and remove any damaged or broken beans before cooking.

– Notice how your body reacts to vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage, and moderate your intake if necessary.

– Yoga poses that involve twisting the body can help relieve gas – these poses stimulate the movement of the smooth muscles of the intestinal walls and help “move things along.”

– Look for potential food intolerance (e.g. lactose or gluten) – if your body cannot digest and assimilate these properly, they can cause gas. An elimination diet can help you discover the foods that cause your bloating, inflammation and digestive issues.

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