2017 was a really tough year with lots of challenges that affected my personal and business life.  It was stressful. 

But, on November 2, my world was rocked! 

It was in the days and weeks following my accident that I would discover if my focus on health over the years would make a difference. 

I found out how, and in not a very fun way, just how my body would respond to a health crisis!

How would your body respond in crisis?

Just like the home we live in that need regular maintenance, refreshing, and sometimes has a crisis,  our bodies need regular maintenance in the form of nutrition, exercise, mindful living, and self-care. Take my house for example. We’ve been in our home some 19 years, so of course in addition to the routine maintenance, a couple years ago we started doing some “freshening” up: decluttering, painting kitchen and bathroom cabinets, painting the outside and some of the inside of the house, etc. Then, got hit with some massive (and very expensive fixes) that need to be done, which lasted into the fall. After re-piping the entire house due to multiple water pipe leaks, which led to 38 holes in walls and ceiling being repaired, to painting rooms due to so many patches, our fence fell down!   And then, I fell down! 

For a number of years, I’ve had a focus on healthy eating to ensure I’m as healthy as possible. What I’ve noticed with me and my clients is it seems with each decade some adjustments need to be made, especially when we hit those “middle years”. In addition to paying attention to my hormones, I’ve had a focus on my fitness level with yoga, meditation, and barefoot beach running. And then, last year I hired a personal trainer to help me with strength building. I especially enjoyed adding some boxing moves to my routine!

My training was going great…until November 2!
That’s the day I fell down and my world got rocked!

During my warm up, I landed directly on my hip and the top of my femur fractured. The next day I had a hip replacement.  

Me…just before major surgery to replace my hip!

To complicate things more, 3 ½ weeks later I nearly died from a pulmonary embolism and landed in ICU; two days after discharge, I was back in the hospital with pleurisy.

Taking walks a month after surgery!

As if three trips to ER that resulted in three hospitals stays all during the month of November weren’t enough, pleurisy raised its painful head again and sent me to ER two days after Christmas! Trust me, I was very glad to see the dawn of 2018.

The great news is that while recuperating I realized that my ability to recover quickly and get back into the game of life was because I took charge of my health a

number of years ago with a debilitating disease and have kept at it all these years. Each of my doctors validated my assumption! A month later I was out walking a mile.  

What I especially learned through this experience is that it’s important to be healthy now! Having a focus on healthy eating, being fit, and making healthy lifestyle choices is like having a health escrow account to draw on in a crisis! It’s the only way you can be YOUR BEST SELF!

Is it time you take your health to the next level so you can be your best self?

Do you need to focus on health eating and mindful living?

Now’s the time!

On Wednesday, March 21 and Saturday, March 24 I’m hosting a webinar to share my three proven game-changer strategies to take charge of your health and really start living.

I truly want you to be YOUR BEST SELF! That’s why I also wrote my free eWorkbook “Focus on Your Best Self!” This 28-page workbook is packed with information and worksheets to help you get started on your journey to be healthy by design…after all, who wants to leave their health to chance?

I’ll be giving it away this eWorkbook only to webinar participants, so sign up today!

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