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Even as I child I loved to write letters. I had numerous pen pals around the world. Long before the internet, I created a monthly newsetter on my first Apple computer. It included family updates, pictures and recipe exchanges. My distribution list was made up of siblings, cousins and aunts and uncles. It was sent snail mail to some 40 different households. Yes I am from a big family. It was fun and helped us all stay connected.

Today Facebook and online newsletters having left old fashioned letters and printed newsletters in the dust.  I enjoy Facebook and newsletters and also love blogging.  I think it’s also a wonderful means of staying in touch.

I hope you enjoy these blogs posts!



Nutrition For A Strong Immune System

A lot of people understand that they get sick easily because their immune system is weak. What they don’t get is how to boost it naturally.   The best way to boost your immunity is to flood your body with the richest, most dense nutrition.   So how do you get that?  Eat a rainbow! By eating a balanced diet loaded with as much of the freshest whole foods available to you.  Knowing which foods support your unique biological makeup is also key.  Americans in general eat way too much meat and bread at the expense of powerful nutrients in the rainbow of vegetables and…
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Why Fall and Winter Is Cold and Flu Season

Fall finally decided to make her entrance to southern California on the evening Halloween. It was atypical of her to do it with a downpour though. The trick or treaters, some layered for the cool evening and other with lightweight costumes, scattered when the rain started. The rest of the weekend was chilly and we finally turned on the thermostat and put on an extra blanket on the bed. I felt the chill again today and it reminded me that fall and winter also means cold and flu season.  I don’t do flu shots – instead I do the things I…
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Farro, Kale & Sweet Potato Salad

  Farro, Kale & Sweet Potato Salad 2015-08-12 18:38:17 Serves 4 A delicious warm salad kissed with sparkling Pomegranate Seeds! Print Prep Time 20 min Cook Time 30 min Prep Time 20 min Cook Time 30 min 1900 calories 340 g 0 g 48 g 48 g 7 g 2354 g 2467 g 61 g 0 g 38 g Nutrition Facts Serving Size 2354g Servings 4 Amount Per Serving Calories 1900 Calories from Fat 419 % Daily Value * Total Fat 48g 73% Saturated Fat 7g 34% Trans Fat 0g Polyunsaturated Fat 7g Monounsaturated Fat 31g Cholesterol 0mg 0% Sodium…
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5 Easy Tips for Beautiful Summer Skin

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It’s not just exposure to the sun that can cause your skin to age and feel and look dry.  Dry skin can be caused by a combination of environmental stress, poor nutrition or eating foods that are nutritious but that don’t support your body’s needs. You may need to experiment to see what is causing your skin to become dry. Here are five tips to help keep your skin moist and soft: Hydrate! When cells are dehydrated, they lose their plumpness and structure. Make sure you are drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water a day.…
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amino acids

Food-Mood Connection Trigger #3 – Amino Acids

Years ago I was dealing with some heavy stuff that was causing me to feel less than stellar. In fact, not only did I feel more tired and I wasn’t sleep well. Soon I found myself feeling blue a lot of the time, being more negative instead of my usual positive self. I was soon drinking close to a pot of coffee a day and I wasn’t eating well at, skipping breakfast, not sitting down for lunch, snacking throughout the afternoon and often going for the easy, quick fix dinners like ordering pizza in. By dinner I wasn’t hungry and…
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