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Even as I child I loved to write letters. I had numerous pen pals around the world. Long before the internet, I created a monthly newsetter on my first Apple computer. It included family updates, pictures and recipe exchanges. My distribution list was made up of siblings, cousins and aunts and uncles. It was sent snail mail to some 40 different households. Yes I am from a big family. It was fun and helped us all stay connected.

Today Facebook and online newsletters having left old fashioned letters and printed newsletters in the dust.  I enjoy Facebook and newsletters and also love blogging.  I think it’s also a wonderful means of staying in touch.

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avoid weight gain

10 Easy-to-Follow Tips to Avoid Weight Gain

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I know. I’ve tried things too that people said were simple, only to end up feeling like they weren’t so easy. Well, there’s a distinction between simple and easy. Let’s face it, though, making a decision to do anything is really all about commitment. When we decide we really want to do something and then go get it done, it wasn’t about simple or easy. It was about our desire and commitment. Over one quarter of Americans are obese! That’s a very scary statistic when you think about it, because with obesity comes weight-related health issues. More sick people. More…
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The Dangers of Restrictive Diet Plans

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This is the first in a series of topics related to weight loss. In the quest for taking off unwanted pounds and inches, most people turn to a restrictive diet. There are many to choose from. But, there are consequences of restrictive diets other than the fact that they’re just hard to follow for any length of time. Consequences like missing important nutrients or suffering the negative effects on metabolism. Most people assume that I have always been as slim as I am and that I don’t know what it’s like to feel unhappy because of excess weight. Unless people…
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Food-Mood Connection Trigger #2 – Mood Swings

Have you ever noticed that after you have bread from that beautiful basket of rolls at a restaurant that you just can’t stop eating it? That’s happened to me too! In addition to being addicted to bread and the starch and sugar it contains, however, gluten intolerance can trigger mood swings, depression and anxiety. People who are gluten intolerant can suffer from mood problems, depression and anxiety when they eat foods that contain gluten. In children, this can also be expressed as learning disabilities or behavioral issues such as hyperactivity. Gluten can damage the brain and nerves of gluten-sensitive people.…
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Food-Mood Connection Trigger #1 – Low Blood Sugar

Have you have ever felt lightheaded, sluggish, headachy or down right grumpy only to realize that it’s because you needed food? That your blood sugar was low? My first experience dealing with low blood sugar goes back to my early childhood. We almost always attended 8:00 a.m. Mass which meant we skipped breakfast before church.Back then we had to fast from midnight on if we wanted to receive communion….that can be tough for anyone, especially a kid. Guess that’s why 8:00 a.m. Mass was always so packed! People wanted to get church over so they could eat breakfast! I remember…
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