How do you make the shift to whole foods?

Let’s face it, we live in a fast-paced world and our lives are mostly just as fast…right?  Sometimes the pace feels insane!   So, yes, there will be times when you want a short cut to make meals easier! When you’re in a hurry in the morning, breakfast can feel like a challenge. Are you in such a hurry, that you pour milk on boxed cereal for the kids, skip breakfast for yourself, and later grab a bagel and a Starbucks coffee?  Well, let’s look at how you’re supporting your beautiful body with a habit like that: The average bagel has about 290 calories….if you…
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7 Ways to Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine

HOW DO YOU TYPICALLY BOOST YOUR ENERGY? Do you faithfully begin your day with a cup of coffee?  Statistics say over 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide each day, so chances are, you’re a coffee drinker.  Sometimes it feels like the only way to add some pep in your step is to fill up your mug with some fresh coffee, doesn’t it? Coffee isn’t a bad thing as there are many healthful benefits in coffee, one being the polyphenols contained in coffee. You can still enjoy the taste of a good cup of coffee, get the benefits from…
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Five Steps to a Guilt Free Mentality

Don’t Beat Yourself Up! Let’s face it, when you get started on your journey to be a healthier, more vibrant, energetic you, the desire to eat yummy food just doesn’t go away. The commitment to make diet and lifestyle changes is exciting when you jump into action…yet after a while, you may feel stuck, discouraged when change doesn’t happen overnight, or you tire of the plan you’re on, especially if it is restrictive or boring.  And, you may feel trapped, which happens when you strain yourself to stick to difficult ways of eating or being in overwhelm because you’re trying…
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Ever Wondered Why You Can’t Stop Eating?

Have you ever wondered why you can’t stop eating foods certain foods?  You know, those times, when you thought a small order of fries or just a handful of chips, two cookies, or one scoop of ice cream would be enough? We don’t often overeat whole foods, like fruits and veggies or that breast of chicken you broiled or baked.  Why is that?  But hand someone a serving of potato chips or small order of fries and they’ll be looking for more.    There are a couple of reasons why: The first has to do with your mouth! Let’s talk…
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The Sexy Strawberry!

I love spring, don’t you?…. next to fall, it’s my favorite season.  Especially because we get to enjoy luscious, fresh strawberries! Local strawberries have been gracing produce stands inside our markets and at farmers’ markets here in California for the last month.  If you’re lucky enough to live close to where they’re grown, like those of us in California where 80% of the strawberries in the U.S. are grown, they’ll be extra sweet as they won’t be picked too early. As Americans, we eat an average of 3 ½ pounds of fresh strawberries a year, just plain right out of…
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