We’ve all had those moments where we waited too long to eat followed by the all-too-real struggle through a blood sugar crash where “hanger” (the state of being where hungry + angry or grouchy) settles in and takes over. And, let’s face it, we don’t like being around “hangry” people, not even ourselves!  You feel lightheaded, shaky, generally unwell – and become grouchy!

That’s why it is important to keep your blood sugar stabilized throughout the day – only then will you experience sustained energy, feel vibrant, and keep your body functioning optimally. 

Balancing your blood sugar is essential for overall health. The longer you let your blood sugar run wild, the more likely your chances of developing a long-term problem. 

So how do you keep your blood sugar stabilized throughout the day?

You’ll love these six easy-to-follow tips for blood sugar bliss.

  1. Eat foods that release energy slowly

Your regimen should consist of foods that are low on the glycemic index. Foods on the low glycemic index release sugars (energy) into your bloodstream slowly for more sustainability. Vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and berries are all excellent choices.  Avoid fruit juices – without the fiber, the natural sugars quickly hit your bloodstream. When you choose fruit, choose whole fruit!

  1. Snack healthfully between meals

Snacking can be key to keep your blood sugar even and maintaining your metabolism! If you find yourself grouchy after breakfast but way before lunch time, it’s time to start packing yourself a healthy snack that will keep you feeling balanced and satisfied until your lunch break. A protein-rich serving of almonds is an excellent choice, for example, and is exceptionally easy to carry along with you either in your handbag or briefcase. Choose wisely, and you’ll find the foods you eat to keep you adequately fueled for your day.

  1. Add protein to each meal

When you eat protein, it helps signal fullness to your brain, making it one of the more important foods to eat throughout the day. Protein can be found in many different foods, such as eggs, almonds, broccoli, leafy greens, tuna, and lentils, to name a few.  Making sure each meal has protein will help you feel satisfied longer and keep those hunger pangs setting in too quickly.

  1. Don’t skip breakfast

Your body needs a good start each morning – it’s been on a fast all night! You need energy to kick start your day.  Fuel it up right by eating a healthy breakfast that includes a healthy fat and a protein. A good example is a hardboiled egg and an avocado. This combination keeps your blood sugar levels stabilized and starts your day off right.

  1. Stay away from sugar and refined carbs

Anything with processed sugar and refined carbs is something you should be avoiding. Processed foods are lurking everywhere and fill the majority of our grocery stores.  It can be challenging to ditch these entirely – for most people, the key is to start with one step at a time.  You’ll notice a heap of difference once you fully get processed foods out of your kitchen and whole foods will taste ten times better, too!

  1. Say no to soda

Diet or regular, sodas are filled with way too much sugar or artificial sweeteners, artificial ingredients, and preservatives.  These chemically-created beverages are horrible for your health, do not really quench your thirst, and will cause spikes in your blood sugar. While artificial sweeteners don’t contain glucose, they still produce the same effects on your blood sugar just like sugar does. Instead, make your own fruit-infused water to curb sweet cravings without harming your body.

When you must hear the sound of a can popping to enjoy a drink, make it a sparkling water like LaCroix® – it has no artificial sweeteners, sugars, or sodium in its water!  The flavors are derived from the natural essence oils extracted from the name fruit in each of their LaCroix® flavors!  My new favorite is Coconut – I found it in Maui!

By avoiding the above common blood sugar pitfalls, you can keep your body functioning optimally and feeling fantastic.

Do you struggle with keeping your blood sugar stabilized throughout the day?  Consider starting your day with a smoothie so you can kick start your day with energy – check out my new ebook, “12 Easy Superfood Smoothies.” You can your copy free – sign up for my newsletter today!

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