If you’re looking for additional ways to add more plant based protein to your diet, sprouted mung beans may be your new favorite bean.  It is mine!  Sprouted mung beans are not only delicious, they’re highly nutritious – and super easy to sprout yourself, which helps you know exactly how fresh they are!   They’re great in raw salads, make a great addition to vegetarian sandwiches, and hold up well in a quick stir fry, which may minimize some of the nutrients but also kills any bacteria. Lightly salted, raw sprouted mung beans also make a great snack!  

Low in calories while raw, mung beans are a good source of fiber, provide B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin K, which is about 34 micrograms, which for women is about one-third the amount recommended each day; vitamin K is essential for the blood clotting process.  Vitamin K also helps maintain bone density and regulations bone mineralization.  These tasty sprouted beans are also a nice source of protein. 

It’s important to note that sprouted mung beans are very low in calories when raw but cooking dramatically increases their caloric value.

How to Sprout Mung Beans

I use a sprouting jar, but any quart size jar will do.  Rinse the beans well under running water. Add to your jar and cover with pure water; alkaline water at 9.5 pH is awesome if you have.  Soak the beans overnight on your kitchen counter.  I suggest you start with ½ cup the first time as mung beans get much bigger once they sprout and it’s easy to sprout too much! 

In the morning, rinse the beans well, draining the excess water. Cover the jar with a mesh screen lid or with cheese cloth secured with a rubber band (this keeps any fruit flies from getting into the jar). Place in a dark place in your kitchen or pantry. Rinse 1-2 times every 12 hours with clear; drain gently and rotate jar to shake beans. Repeat the next day – you’ll see little tails sprouting in 36-72 hours.  Buying sprouts at the store is often risky because of unhealthy bacteria, so sprouting your own puts you in control – sprouting in a dark place is important as it minimizes bacteria growth in sunlight.

Use in your favorite recipe, storing any extra in the refrigerator in a tightly covered container. Use in 2-3 days. 

See my recipe for a Sprouted Mung Bean Bowl here:  Sprouted Mung Bean Bowl

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