Change can be challenging at the very least and can really throw us off balance. Last January I had major surgery on my foot. Not only did surgery literally knock me off my feet for a while, it knocked me off balance overall in body, mind, and spirit.

While my foot has been healing well, ahead of schedule actually, (bone actually takes a full year to heal completely), it’s taken longer to regain my overall balance.

There were lots of changes I had to deal with post surgery…and I wasn’t ready for them.

I wasn’t ready for the



and mental imbalances

that resulted from a major surgery that took me out of my routine for longer than I had expected.

My sleep was disrupted.  I had no energy.  My emotions often were out of control.  My exercise routine was broken.

I packed on an extra 15 pounds that I’m still working to shed…ugh! I hate it when my clothes don’t fit!

After being in control and feeling in balance for so many years – and as a professional health coach teaching clients how to be in balance – I found my pride was also hurting. Big time. 

And now, with fall dancing her way again into our lives, gradually displacing summer, I’m feeling more change.

It got me thinking!  

It’s not only  life events that can  knock you off of balance. Simple things cause disruptions.

Sometimes it only takes a change of seasons to throw us off kilter. Adjusting to a new season always lends itself to a realignment and this time of year is full of it: our diet, sleep patterns, and the way we dress are all shifting as we move into the fall season.

I’ve been feeling a little disconcerted having to give up the longer, warmer, and more carefree days of summer.

I feel fall in the air.  Have you felt it too?

Are you feeling the back-to-fall blues?   

This could be why!

Like me, many of my clients express imbalance as a feeling that things are just not quite right, physically or emotionally, or both. The body communicates this feeling by way of symptoms—energy and mood are unstable or low, digestion feels sluggish, the brain feels foggy, motivation is low, sleep is disrupted, skin becomes dry or breaks out, and extra pounds slowly creep on.

Sound familiar?

It’s important to understand that everything we bring into our lives serves as a source of nutrition for our health and well-being, having the potential to energize, strengthen, and fill us up…or strip, weaken, and deplete us. More often than not, our relationship with food is a mirror of what’s going on in our life. If you feel overworked, sleep deprived and stressed, chances are that your eating habits will also be in turmoil.

When our body is experiencing imbalance, we’re much more likely to give in to guilt-inducing carb-and-sweet cravings instead of reaching for the clean, wholesome foods our body needs to thrive. Unfortunately, the cycle that ensues, creates more imbalance, more stress, more cravings, more indulgence in foods and lifestyle habits that don’t support our health. And, a chronic environment of imbalance and stress is the perfect petri dish for chronic inflammation and chronic disease.

Bottom line: imbalance can become a vicious cycle.

balanced stones_351062951It doesn’t have to be that way!

Getting back to balance can break that cycle. Balance provides our body and mind with a sense of harmony and is essential to maintaining quality of life in the areas that are most important to you: health, family, education, work, financial, social/relationships, spiritual, recreation, personal growth, etc.

Finding balance is personal; we each have to discover our own sweet spot by juggling the various parts of our lives until we feel like life is working for us, not against us! For me, balance is about making space for all that will enrich and nourish my mind, body and soul and bring me physical, emotional and spiritual health and happiness.

And, yes, it’s true. Not every day or every week will be the same; it’s impossible to avoid every curve ball that may come your way. Maintaining balance, like keeping your car on the road, is about course correction. Some days, sleep may need to take precedence over a workout; other days, time with family may pull ahead of an early bedtime. Even in the face of these choices, living with a set of ‘non- negotiables’ that are etched into your day and make up your lifestyle can keep you feeling grounded, strong, and balanced.

I have my non-negotiables…self-care practices, food, and routines that have helped me get back on track to finding and sustaining my balance. I’ll share some in my next newsletter.

Have you established some non-negotiables to help you find balance? Take some time today to consider what they are. If you haven’t, what do you need or want to help you find balance? I’d love to hear!

Email me at or tell me about your non-negotiables or what you need to achieve balance below.

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