Any of us can easily gain 3 – 5 pounds, even a dress size, if we are experiencing water retention. For most women, hormonal fluctuation is often the main cause of fluid retention. Food allergies and intolerance can also result in water retention. Although you may not be able to get rid of all the fluids that Mother Nature imposes on you, there are a few things you can do to reduce the “impact”:

  1. Stay hydrated – There’s a cool free app you can put on your phone called “Drinking Water” – in fact, there are several apps that set timers to remind yourself to drink your water.
  2. Reduce salt intake – Don’t add salt until you taste your food; be conscious of added sodium when eating packaged or restaurant foods
  3. Reduce sugar intake – Read labels for sugar content and amount; replace processed sugar with honey, maple syrup or agave.
  4. Reduce toxic load and detox regularly – Our bodies form water and fat cells around excess toxins to protect itself. Unless you dump the toxic load, you’ll naturally build excess fluids.
  5. Use herbs with diuretic properties such as dandelion greens, uva ursi, corn silk, alfalfa, stinging nettle, celery seeds and parsley – Nature provides natural diuretics that can be included in smoothies, salads, and herbals teas. Why depend on pills?
  6. Use sauna to help relieve stored water – In addition, you’ll relieve tension from stress, which creates more toxins.
  7. Discover if you may have any food allergies or intolerance by doing an elimination diet – Practicing seasonal detoxing with an elimination diet is a win-win. Check my website for my upcoming group programs.

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