It’s not ever too early to plan ahead. 

This week I’ve been working on my new year’s resolutions and goals for 2015.  After all, I want to hit the ground running on January 2 (yep! I plan on a day off on New Year’s Day!)  Like most Americans, my top resolutions and goals include my health, fitness, financial, etc.  When we have a clear vision and path to where we want to go, possibilities become more real. When we become committed, we become unstoppable.  So in between the shopping, wrapping, and holiday cheer, take some time to think about your goals. 

Goals help us:




Live Bigger


Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about goal setting.  I have implemented much of what I learned in my own life and I’ve shared what I’ve learned and my techniques with my clients.  Taking the time to set goals makes the difference in what you achieve and how you do it. 

You deserve abundant health and happiness and you deserve to feel energetic and amazing! This means putting yourself high on your list if you’re not already there.   If you’re too busy taking care of everyone else, how will you find the time to take care of YOU? If you don’t take care of you now, who is going to take care of your loved ones later?  When you’re taking care of yourself, everything is easier and you feel so much better. 

Who do you need help or support from in order to put yourself near the top? For example: if your priority is fitness and you plan to exercise in the morning, do you need help or support from your spouse and/or children to make that happen? 

So how do you get started?

The best place to start is to identify your end result (or destination).

For example, you may say that your goal is to be healthy. Consider that until you define what “healthy” means for you, your goal is pretty vague. However,  if you know that being healthy means having a strong immune system, energy, and vitality being fit, managing your weight, not being on prescriptions, and feeling great and looking youthful, you now know what healthy means to you – being healthy is the destination.

You also want to know your why – why do you want to be healthy or where say you want to be. 

Finally, where are you starting from – what areas of your health are out of balance? Once you’re clear on these three things, you can set your goals to get to your destination.  You can apply these three simple steps to other goals too.

Then as you define your goal be sure it contains these five important and SMART elements. You’ll want your goals to be:

  1. Specific,
  2. Measurable,
  3. Attainable,
  4. Realistic,
  5. Time-framed (put a date to it!).

Know where you’re going and what the milestones are along the way so you can plot and chart your progress.  

 If you’re going from Los Angeles to New York by car, you’ll want to know which way you’re headed and when you want to get there. That way you’ll know how many miles a day you’ll need to drive and which cities you’ll need to drive through.  If you want to reach New York in two days, you’ll realize that this is an unrealistic goal and that you’d best book a flight and fly.

“Your goals are the road maps that guide you and show you what is possible for your life.” – Les Brown

If your new year’s goals include losing weight, getting into skinny jeans, getting healthy, starting your exercise regimen (and sticking to it), doing a gentle cleanse with whole foods, learning a healthier way of eating, and saving money here and there, I’ve got just the program for you!  Click on the tab above “Sofa to Sensational 30 Day Challenge to learn more! It includes lots of goodies and fun to help you get your best results.  Get a jump start on the New Year and register now!

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