Hi, I'm Kat!

My first passion is as wife, a mother and grandmother. The oldest of five children, I learned early to pave the way in many areas and I continue to lead the way, especially for my family and, very importantly, in the area of living a healthier lifestyle.

I love food – who doesn’t?

My second passion is great food! I like to eat as much as the next person. Finding great food – the kind that works best for me – is fun and exciting. Creating new recipes and giving people the pleasure of delicious food gives me immense satisfaction. Eating real food – not food-like food, fast foods, frozen foods or packaged foods, processed with artificial ingredients or loaded with extracts – nourishes our bodies like they were intended to be nourished. When I eat healthy, I feel better. 

I believe we should all live with balance and be healthy not by chance, but by design.  

Being healthy is not just about food. I’m passionate about feeling good, being in charge of my health, and feeling and looking good. I enjoy running on the beach, practicing yoga, hiking and long walks. Being healthy includes healthy relationships, lifestyle practices, career/job satisfaction and more. I’ve noticed over the years that I am happiest when I feel the healthiest.

And, since genetics plays a fairly small role for the majority of people, the good news/bad news is we design our health!  As a holistic health coach, I coach bio-individuality and support people on lifestyle change so they can attain wellbeing.

My motto is “Be Healthy By Design!”

My mission is to show you how you can live longer, be happier, and feel younger – to be healthier by your design. 

What would it feel like if you knew you could up your game, feel younger, more energetic, sexier, slimmer, and healthier – and grow older feeling amazing?  If you already know that you want to begin – head over to my Work With Me page to get started on your journey.

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I can’t wait to connect with you!