The road to a healthier lifestyle is like the road to success. It’s a journey, not a destination. At each milestone along the way, new goals may be desired or even required to attain the next level of optimum health.

Each person’s journey is unique. This is my journey:

Except for the usual childhood illnesses, like chicken pox, measles, mumps, and the flu (along with a few sprains and bone bones, I grew up pretty healthy. It wasn’t until I had my first baby, that I joined the yo-yo dieting club. Like most women, I’ve battled the bulge facing the disappointment of clothes that no longer fit; jumping from one diet to another; at times being 30+ pounds too heavy; and trying to get back down to my ‘ideal’ weight just to fit into those skinny jeans. I’ve dealt with insomnia and frequent fatigue, not to mention serious caffeine and sugar addictions. 

Then in 2002, I was diagnosed with a debilitating disease. My health and my world were rocked.

The physical pain, along with the emotional pain of disability, was often overwhelming and unbearable. I became dependent on others and on prescription drugs just to function – something I found to be so challenging.  After three years of seeing many doctors and therapists, getting different therapeutic modalities, and being on very addictive drugs, my recovery hit a plateau. I was told I wouldn’t get any better; the so-called next-step on my treatment plan was beyond my psychological comfort level, and just not acceptable to me.  So I said “no ” to the doctors’ recommendations. Instead, I trusted my own intuition.

That’s when I took charge of my health. 

Fast forward several years. My energy was back. I felt good all the time, I slept better, and I was at my ideal weight and jeans size! I felt younger and more vivacious than I had in years. 

Everyone noticed and asked how I did it.  So, I decided to coach others on how to take charge of their health.

I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied more than one hundred dietary theories, as well as a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Adding in my Ayurveda certification and detox specialist studies has enhanced my personal health, the health of my family, and my experience, knowledge, and skills as a holistic health coach. 

Five years ago I started my health coaching practice and have since added a certification as a Certified Master Workplace Ambassador so I can offer my consulting services to companies.


While doing a warm up exercise that I’d regularly practices with a trainer, the tread of my shoe stuck to the indoor/outdoor carpet and I was propelled sideways. I landed directly on my hip.  I couldn’t stand up or walk.  I was transported to the Emergency Room of our local hospital.

My hip was fractured and I needed a hip replacement!  The good news is that the fracture wasn’t about weak bones: my surgeon assured me that even someone 20-30 years younger would have sustained the same injury.


Today, I’m grateful I took charge of my health when I did. Thank goodness I had already adopted lifestyle habits and stuck to those commitments – they truly prepped me for the hard stuff involved in my recovery from this accident (like nearly losing my life to a pulmonary embolism, suffering two bouts of pleurisy, and months of physical therapy). 

My life was impacted in more ways than I could ever imagine and celebrating the “wins” every week mattered. even when those wins were just being able to tie my own shoes; take a shower standing up; move from two-stepping to proper stair-climbing; being intimate again with my husband; drive a car; and the big one: regain my former independence! 

Don’t wait for a crisis to take charge of your health!

Making good lifestyle and nutritional choices pays off in dividends! I have been able to recover more quickly in spite of the set backs I had after surgery, all while continuing to work my full time job–first from home on part time basis,, and then a return to the office in record time. Plus, I have continued to help others live their best lives while I was recovering mine! 

Being able to get back in the game of life so quickly and being able to take walks again with the love of my life felt wonderful!

Having a focus on healthy eating, being fit, and making healthy lifestyle choices was like having a health escrow account I could draw on when I needed to heal from a crisis! 

My experience confirmed: what you eat and the lifestyle choices you make truly do matter! 

You can learn more about my training at IIN here and about my unique approach to health coaching here.

Drawing on my years of experience and studies, I will help you take charge of your life by creating a personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

Are you curious about how health coaching can help you? Let’s talk!

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