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Autumn is officially here! 

And, that means cooler weather and time for warm, nourishing meals using fall season whole foods!   

But, does the thought of cooking a homemade meal every night – except for date night, of course – make you to want to ditch the kitchen completely?


Never fear!

I have just the plan for you.


You lead a busy life… I completely understand.  I get it because I do too!

When I started health coach school, I did it with a full time job, a household to run, an elderly father to care for long distance, and a family to nurture.

I also was learning the importance of nurturing and nourishing me! And along the way, I had a surgery, a major accident, a near death experience with a pulmonary embolism and other post-surgery challenges.  

So, learning how to stay to true to my vision of excellent health, optimal fitness, balance of life, and walking the talk of a certified health coach, I had to learn new tricks, adopt new practices, and be the example.

I still work a full time corporate job, run my health coaching practice, and am happy to say that I have regained strength and my health!

If I can do it, so can you!

Here’s the thing: eating healthfully doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  It doesn’t have to be a full time job. And, it’s easier and less expensive than you think!

You can eat a healthy, homemade meal every night and not spend hours in the kitchen each day!  Especially when you’re prepared for those days you have lunch with the girls, have after school sports or music lessons for the kids, or know you’re tight on time. 

How?  Join the 3-Day Challenge to “stuff your freezer” so you can throw together a one-pot meal faster than ever!

You’ll get access to my closed Facebook group and my Slow Cooker Recipes

I created my Stuff the Freezer Challenge to help you make healthy, affordable and quick meals so that you can spend your time doing what you really want to be doing.    

And, it’s Free!


Join me for the next upcoming 3-day Stuff the Freezer Challenge and learn how easy it can be cook healthfully – stress free with your slow cooker!

Group Activities for the 3-day challenge will begin on October 17 – you’ll get more info, bonus recipes, and videos in the group!  And, you get to fit everything into your timeline!

Did I mention that it’s FREE?


Register Today – here’s what you get:

  • Stuff the Freezer Slow Cooker Recipe Book – 9 delicious vegetarian/vegan recipes that can easily be adapted to include animal protein if you choose
  • Daily emails – day-by-day what how to plan and execute stuffing your freezer to make your busy days less hectic and include a healthy supper.
  • Access to my closed Facebook Group – Stuff the Freezer Challenge where you’ll get additional bonus recipes, ‘how to videos’, group support

Information for the Group Challenge starts flowing October 17! 

Be sure to join – you’ll see how flexible it is to fit into your schedule!


 Sign up today!