Mango Lassi

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Mango Lassi 2016-05-15 19:26:04 Serves 6 Ayurvda wellness! Lassi, prepared with organic grassfed-fed cow yogurt (I prefer Maple Hills Creamy brand) is soothing for the digestive tract, promotes digestive enzymes and is loaded with probiotics, both of which help breakdown food particles. Eases bloating helps prevent constipation and other stomach issues. Print 754 calories 147 g 48 g 15 g 21 g 9 g 2453 g 562 g 135 g 0 g 5 g Nutrition Facts Serving Size 2453g Servings 6 Amount Per Serving Calories 754 Calories from Fat 132 % Daily Value * Total Fat 15g 23% Saturated Fat…
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Why did Hippocrates say, “all disease begins in the gut?”

  What’s the first thing you consider as the cause of your fatigue or those mid-afternoon energy slumps? What comes to mind when you’re constipated, forever catching other people’s colds, or when you’re battling hourly mood swings? Do you know what’s underneath your constant sugar cravings? I’ll bet it’s not your gut that comes to mind…right? Don’t feel bad! That was me a number of years ago too! I had no idea! It wasn’t until I did my deep dive into holistic health that I was able to get firsthand the impact my own diet, along with some lifestyle stuff…
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