There are all kinds of recipes. Recipes for food, skin care, cleaning products and more. But do you know what the recipe for optimal health entails?
Because our bodies are each so unique, there honestly isn’t one all-encompassing recipe for great health.  And, because of our individuality, what causes imbalance in one person may not cause issues in another. Just like you adjust the spices in a recipe to find just the right balance of flavors for you, so too, you will need to discover what lies at the heart of your body’s imbalance before learning how it can be remedied. The secret is finding the unique recipe that works for YOUR body.
Over the years, I’ve learned firsthand that one vital ingredient for achieving balance and optimal health is cleansing. There are many ways to detox the body; the details of which will depend on your needs.
Unfortunately, detoxing often receives a bad rap, as some detox programs can put the body at risk rather than help it.  When you detox the body, using whole and functional food, herbs and lifestyle methods, you energize and alkalize your cells, which are your body’s workforce! The body needs both energy and an alkaline environment to reduce illness-causing inflammation and allow the cells to perform at an optimal level. When you embrace cleansing as a lifestyle, the need to mask symptoms with quick fixes and band-aids won’t be necessary. Cleansing the body, in a holistic way, IS the root cause resolution that will bring you thriving health.
A few newsletters back I shared a little about my imbalance and my journey back to optimal health.and I spoke of non-negotiables and how, over the years, I have developed the ones that keep me balanced, grounded and healthy.  (If you missed that issue and want to read it, click here.)  Here are my non-negotiable that ensure my optimal health:
  • Nourishing my body with anti-inflammatory, clean, seasonal whole foods
  • Moving my body, regularly, and on some days, vigorously
  • Sleeping 7-9 hrs. most nights
  • Creating space to be still, and to meditate and be with nature
  • Taking time out for myself, every single day
  • Embracing self-care and daily morning and evening rituals that support my body, mind, and spirit
  • Maintaining healthy, honest, and positive relationships with both family and friends
  • Spending time doing what I love and feeding my passion.
  • Inspiring others and being inspired

How can you find your non-negotiables and achieve balance and optimal health?

Adopt a cleansing lifestyle – Jump in and register for my seasonal, wholefood and holistic lifestyle cleanse. It’s only a two-week program and it will both jump start your discovery of what foods work for you and which work against you and it expose you to many of the aspects that make up a balanced and healthy lifestyle. My hope is that you’ll continue to embrace them well past the program’s end.
I’m excited about my upcoming Fall Cleanse Program, “Fall Into Fabulous” and I know it’s coming at just the right time as we anticipate the Thanksgiving and end of year celebrations.  The program will begin November 10th and end before Thanksgiving – you’ll mindfully cruise into that meal with healthier habits!  
shutterstock_357812798Fall Into Fabulous is a loving approach that includes nourishing and delicious fall foods. When you eat with the seasons, you’ll naturally be eating seasonal wholesome foods the way Nature intended. The foods included in my recipes have a high nutritional profile and give will your digestive system a much needed break. You’ll be supported to prioritize different aspects of your life and learn how to make stress management, self-care, and daily rituals part of YOUR non-negotiables. These will keep you grounded, balanced and healthy!
I know how hard it to get started, especially when it involves making changes to your habits. That’s why I am here – to support and cheer you on with the inspiration and tools you need to make that commitment to your health. Taking that first step is gold, and then we take it step by step. I hope you’ll join me for the upcoming fall cleanse.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS
Let’s all be healthy by design this holiday season and beyond. Your lifestyle goes wherever you go!

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