Information is power, no doubt, but knowing what to do with information is even more powerful!

Let’s explore how you can manage and mitigate the causes and symptoms of belly bloat.

There are so many ways you can take control and banish the bloating culprits. Imagine this: a lifestyle with an anti-inflammatory, alkaline, plant-based diet; where stress management, sleep, exercise and self-care are a priority; that yields a bikini-flat belly all year around! The best part is, not only will your bloat disappear, but you’ll also carry around soaring energy, glowing skin and a rock-solid immune system.  

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not! That life of vibrant health and vitality is within your reach. Make the commitment to YOU and your body will reward you. Let’s see how:

 # 1 Three-phrase approach to cleansing.

A whole food detox program with a three-phase approach lays the foundation for you to discover food intolerances or sensitivities. It’s important to begin with a gradual decrease of the most common allergenic foods. Phase 2 utilizes a 7-day elimination diet to give the body a digestive rest and to support the body’s natural detoxification system. When you follow the detox with a strategic transition plan, you will learn how to identify and beat food intolerances or sensitivities.

# 2 Remove inflammatory response foods.

Many digestive disorders such as IBS, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, etc, are the result of chronic stress and inflammation that is either diet or lifestyle related; these may be at the heart of your belly bloat. Your GI tract is the hub of your body and it takes a daily beating. During a cleanse, you provide your body with the opportunity to repair digestive and gut function by:

  • Removing foods that cause an inflammatory immune response
  • Eating easily digestible plant foods
  • Eating foods that are full of enzymes to assist with digestion and packed with good friendly bacteria that will protect the lining of the GI tract.

#3 Banish grains, starches, complex carbs

The sugars in grains and starches feed yeast and gut bacteria. An overgrowth of these little critters is often at the heart of your belly blow-up. As a result, these guys let off alcohol and C02 gases, which is no party for you and your belly. Glutinous grains are removed in the elimination phase of the program; this alone can have remarkable benefits for your belly and the rest of your health! 

#4 Resolve gut/microbiome imbalance, yeast, and bacteria overgrowth

Your gut is your epicenter. Everyday, inflammatory foods, environmental toxins, antibiotics, other pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter meds and stress hit the gut, hard. This throws off the balance of good and bad bacteria, which is an underlying cause of your expanded belly. not to mention every other symptom on the list.  Your cleanse will flood your system with probiotic-rich foods, reduce toxic exposure and support you in implementing stress management–all aiming to tip the balance back in factor of the good bacteria (and a flatter tummy!)

#5 Learn how to plan meals without too many complex foods.

Sometimes less is more, and when it comes to your digestive process this is very true. Combining too many different kinds of foods in a meal can affect and even neutralize digestive enzymes, leading to bloat and stomach upset. The food-combining theory holds a lot of water and is a focal point of the level 2 program. Either way, you’ll learn to eat simply-combined meals that are easy on the digestive process and won’t leave you feeling heavy and bloated. By removing the foods on the do not eat list for Phase 2, you’ll be doing your digestion and gut a huge service. Combining heavy animal proteins and grains, for example, in one sitting, is a one-way ticket to bloating, fatigue and digestive distress. Don’t worry; you’ll be traveling in the opposite direction on this program.

# 6 Kick out hard-to-digest foods

Dairy is one of the most acidic, congestive foods out there. It is responsible at large for much of the congestion and mucus build up in the body. A very common response is stomach upset, gas and bloating. You’ll notice a change almost instantly when you remove food groups like dairy: in fact, a flatter tummy is one of the most noticeable benefits of removing the white milky stuff. Don’t worry, during transition you’ll get to add them back in as part of your discovery process so you can see how different dairy products affect you.

# 7 Learn lifestyle skills that support rather than detract from health.

Stress management packs a double punch. Emotional eating, particularly when stressed, leads to hurried and over-eating, key factors in belly bloat. Stress itself causes hormonal imbalances and sugar metabolism dysfunction–all leading to fermentation of sugars and subsequent bloating. Meditation, sleeping more and finding time for you can help manage stress and balance hormones. Mindful eating is a huge part of the cleanse program. Level II has a specific focus on ways to embrace mindful eating practices, but on either level, you’ll learn about the importance of slowing down, chewing, eating until you are only 70% full and finding other ways to enhance digestion and reduce belly bloat

It’s not hard to see how a cleanse program that includes an elimination diet, can help you reset, rebalance, and reboot your system and banish bloat for good. By removing inflammatory foods, isolating specific food intolerances, simplifying your meals, repairing your gut and digestive health, embracing stress management and mindful eating habits, you’ll not only flatten your tummy, but you’ll upgrade your entire lifestyle, reaping benefits that go beyond just removing the bloat. The key to addressing your symptoms, whatever they may be, is to always go to the heart of the issue-–the underlying cause. By adhering to the principles of the program, you’ll kill many birds with one stone!

Check out my detox programs – I can’t wait to get clean with you – it’s time to refresh and enliven your body!


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